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6519 Larson Road
South Wayne, WI 53587
Lafayette county


Phone: 608-439-5569
Fax: 608-439-5606
Email: valleyview@tds.net

Product Listing

We are pleased to provide you with award winning cheese! All cheese is hand cut as close as possible to the amount requested. One pound minimum. Please include complete address with zip code. The shipping charge will be added per weight.

To purchase please call 608-439-5569, or E-mail your order to valleyview@tds.net

$6.50 per lb

$6.50 per lb

Jalapeño Muenster
$6.50 per lb

Chipotle Havarti
$7.75 per lb

Horseradish Chive Havarti
$8.00 per lb

Pesto Havarti
$7.75 per lb

Plain Havarti
$7.50 per lb

Sundried Tomato Pesto Havarti
$7.75 per lb

Dill Havarti
$7.75 per lb

$6.50 per lb

Caraway Brick
$6.50 per lb

$6.50 per lb

Smoked Butterkase
$6.50 per lb

$6.50 per lb

White Cheddar Pepper
$6.50 per lb

$12 per lb

5 year Cheddar
$10 per lb

Garlic Cheddar
$6.50 per lb

$9.50 per lb

Medium Cheddar
$6.50 per lb

10 year cheddar
$15 per lb

*Prices subject to change. Prices last updated on 5/8/16.