Located at:

6519 Larson Road
South Wayne, WI 53587
Lafayette county


Phone: 608-439-5569
Fax: 608-439-5606
Email: valleyview@tds.net

Forgotten Valley Cheese

Established in 1979.

We are a cheese factory located in Southern Wisconsin, producing cheese since 1979. We have won numerous World and USA Championships. We sell wholesale, retail, and also at the Dane County Farmers' Market and Dubuque Farmers' Market.

At the Dane County Farmers' Market, we are located on E Main St between Martin Luther King Jr Blvd and King St. as Forgotten Valley Cheese.

We make and sell several varieties of cheese including: Farmer, Muenster, Brick, Havarti, Jalapeno Muenster/Havarti, Dill Havarti, Pesto Havarti, Horseradish Havarti, Garlic Cheddar, Medium Cheddar, Aged Cheddar, Butterkase, and Smoked Butterkase.

Hans Lehner (1956-2014) had worked making cheese in Mt.Horeb and Switzerland during and after high school. Hans and the plant have won numerous World Championships and U.S.A Championships. He and his father, Billi, started at Valley View Cheese Co-op in 1979. Hans and Billi worked as partners for 15 years. Hans and his wife, Denise, purchased Forgotten Valley Cheese from Billi. Hans' legacy is carried on by his wife, Denise, son, Hans Jr., daughter, Gabriela, son-in-law, Patrick.

We take our time in producing cheese and stress QUALITY over Quantity. We take great pride in our work, and it shows.

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