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In Memory of Hans Lehner Sr.

It is with much regret that we announce Hans passed away on Oct. 15, 2014. His legacy is carried on by his son, Hans, wife, Denise, and daughter, Gabriela.

Hans Lehner had worked making cheese in Mt.Horeb and Switzerland during and after high school. He and his father, Billi, started at Valley View Cheese Co-op in 1979. Hans and Billi worked as partners for 15 years. Hans and his wife, Denise, purchased Forgotten Valley Cheese from Billi.

Forgotten Valley Cheese get its milk from local farmers and Hans was quick to praise the great milk supply that makes his award winning cheeses possible. Hans and the plant have won numerous World Championships and U.S.A Championships.

Hans Lehner Jr.

Hans Lehner Jr. received his Wisconsin cheesemaker’s license in 2010. Hansi is our head cheesemaker and our startup man.

Denise Lehner

Denise has been working with the factory since she and Hans Sr. purchased it.

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